SVision-8: CHIP-8 and SCHIP emulator

During one week-end, I added S-CHIP 1.1 emulation to the Vision-8 emulator by Marcel De Kogel (which is available in source form and highly portable). The result is SVision-8, which I'm giving away here under the same conditions as the original code.

The emulation core (CHIP8.c and CHIP8.h) can be compiled with or without SCHIP support, and can also be #include'd in the driver to generate a smaller object (e.g. for embedded systems). The X11 driver supports SCHIP emulation, and was further enhanced (Cygwin support, better trace output, French AZERTY keyboard support).

If anyone wants to upgrade the other drivers, I'll gladly accept any modifications to make them run with SCHIP support.


The .c8k files in the games archives are key mappings - chip8 to emulator - to use only the 2, 4 6 8 and 5 keys if your emulator needs them. The rockbox emulator uses them.



I gathered this documentation from various places, these were used to better understand the CHIP-8 and SCHIP 1.1 instruction sets.

Frédéric Devernay

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