Stereoscopic 3D video monitoring and correction: from live to air

Frédéric Devernay, PRIMA team, INRIA/LIG, Grenoble

Invited talk at 3DCINE 2012, in conjunction with CVPR 2012, held in Providence, R.I., in june 2012.


Stereoscopic rectification and matching algorithms have been available in the lab for decades. In this talk, I will report on experiments to use them on air, during 3D live broadcast. This requires real-time and robust tools for monitoring the output of a stereoscopic camera rig, helping stereographers take decisions on the configuration and alignment of the cameras, and correcting in real-time the stereoscopic video streams for live broadcasts of sports and cultural events. To pass real-world tests against a hundred thousand images, as in a typical TV broadcast, we had to redesign most of the computer vision methods involved, not only to get real-time performance, but also visually pleasing results. Together with our industry partner Binocle and the French industry consortium 3DLIVE, we delivered our first corrected live video broadcast in 2010 in Lyon, and continued improving our monitoring and correction methods over the five live events that were broadcasted since then.


The presentation can be downloaded as PDF.

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