Fredric Brown Short-Shorts, a Sampler

A word on intellectual propery:

 As a former working journalist Iím a big believer in protecting the intellectual property rights of content creators/authors that are often so flagrantly violated on the Net. Having said this, I am putting up a few Fredric Brown short-short stories in their entirety. I think this constitues fair use, though whoever has the rights to Brownís work may disagree. If they notify me, or if any of this stuff comes back into print, I will take it down.

Iím not posting these to make money, nor, more importantly, because I think I will take money from Brown's estate, but instead because I hope you will read them, and be impressed enough to either buy whatever Brown books you can find out there, or better yet, write to his publishers and tell them to put out new editions of his work.

In any case, here are six Brown short-shorts that I particularly like, though they are not necessarily his most famous. Brown released the second ever collection composed of entirely short-short stories ever in the English language and it was this form that showed off his wit and innovation most strongly.


The End





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