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Below are some other Fredric Brown Links

A Fredric Brown Bibliography- Pretty complete, as far as novels go though no help on short stories and a index of more recent short story reprints

Rudy’s Books (They have a good collection of Brown’s work for sale)

What Mad Universe the only other Fredric Brown site I am aware of.  This one is in France and has some pointers to other material, most notably some Fredric Brown short-shorts in French!

Delos I can’t read Italian, so I’m not quite sure what this resource is but Delos appears to be the primary science-fiction organization in italy organizing convention, doing a magazine, etc. The founders appear to be big F. Brown fans and as far as far as I can understand they give the Fredric Brown award to an outstanding piece of short fiction.  Cool!

Solipsist- This is a Polish translation of my favorite Fredric Brown short-short (The English version is here. It is hosted by someone at the Krakow institute of technology.  Brown, like many great American authors seems to be more appreciated in other countires than he is in his own

Fredric Brown Filmography-This is a list of films based on Fredric Brown’s work, with supporting information supplied in abundance.  Unfortunately all of the mainstream films based on Brown’s work, are supposedly forgettable, though I must confess to not having seen a single one. They include, The Crack-Up, based on a Brown mystery novel was done in the  forties, and The Screaming Mimi, a 1950s film based on Brown’s classic novel. Martians Go Home, the most recent film to be taken from Brown’s work, is  based on humorous classic science fiction novel, which has already been reprinted several times, starred Dennis Quaid, but otherwise  has little to recommend it.

Emit TimE a very clever palindromic poem that was based on Brown’s very imaginative palindromic short story The End

The Star Trek Episode, Arena This episode from the original Star Trek was based directly on Brown’s classic science fiction story of the same name.

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