Split sphere stereoscopic video dataset


This synthetic dataset contains stereoscopic video of a fully-Lambertian textured split sphere rotating against a textured background, as illustrated by the following figure:


This represents a challenging situation for scene flow estimation, since there is a discountinuity in motion (at the equator) which does not appear in depth.


This dataset was first used in the following paper. Please cite it if you produce results from this dataset:

F. Huguet and F. Devernay, "A Variational Method for Scene Flow Estimation from Stereo Sequences", Proc. ICCV 2007, doi:10.1109/ICCV.2007.4409000


The following videos illustrate the motion of the split sphere. Since they are compressed, you should not use them to produce results (either use the PNG version of the images below, or re-create the images from the POV-Ray source).

alt : spherexx.avi





Inlined images are JPEG, and link to lossless PNG. Please download the PNG images to produce your results.

t=0: left/right images

sphere00l sphere00r

t=1: left/right images

sphere01l sphere01r

POV-Ray sources

POV-Ray sources can be downloaded here, and can be easily customized, e.g. to generate many more time steps.

Ground-truth data

The ground-truth data (optical flow and stereo disparity) can be computed easily, as shown in the groundtruth.cpp source file from the sceneflow software. The stereo disparity is of course the same for all frames in the sequence.

- Frédéric Devernay

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