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OpenFX is an open source standard for making digital compositing effects.

The Wikipedia OpenFX page contains lots of information about OpenFX, OpenFX hosts, and OpenFX plug-ins.

This page should be considered as an addendum with non-Wikipediable information, as well as precompiled binaries for a few sets of plug-ins.

Open source OpenFX plugins

Mac OS X binaries

openfx-misc for DaVinci Resolve, Nuke, etc.

Binary packages are available for any openfx hosts. They are available with plugins compiled separately, so that you can easily remove unwanted plugins from /Library/OFX/Plugins, or as a "multibundle"

Please send me feedback on these. I am particularly interested by a list of useful plugins for each host (a plugin should be considered useless if an equivalent or better function is included in the host software).

yadif deinterlacer

Download yadif.zip, compiled from the openfx-yadif source for OSX 10.6 universal (also runs on 10.7, 10.8, 10.9, 10.10). Create the directory /Library/OFX/Plugins if it does not exist (requires administrator rights), and unzip the file there. This plugin is known to work on Natron, Nuke and DaVinci Resolve (please tell me if it also works on other OpenFX hosts).

openfx-io and openfx-misc

openfx-io is a set of Readers/Writers plugins (to load or save various image and video formats). These plugins were primarily designed for Natron, but should work with any OFX host.

openfx-misc is a collection of essential plugins, which provide many basic compositing tools to be used inside Natron or other OpenFX hosts. Commercial OpenFX hosts usually provide their own versions of these plugins.

If you want to use these plugins in Natron, instead of the bundled plugins, uncheck the option "Prefer bundled plug-ins over system-wide plug-ins" in the Natron Preferences panel ("General" section).

The binaries for openfx-io and openfx-misc can be found in the Natron binary distribution (release or snapshot):

Older binary builds for OSX may also be found here. These packages install respectively /Library/OFX/Plugins/IO.ofx.bundle and /Library/OFX/Plugins/Misc.ofx.bundle, and can be uninstalled by removing these directories.


These are unofficial TuttleOFX binaries for OSX, built from the develop branch of TuttleOFX.

The TuttleOFX packages install two directories: /Library/OFX/Plugins/TuttleOFX and /opt/TuttleOFX.

Latest version:

Older versions (unsupported):

If you want to compile TuttleOFX on OS X yourself:

Frederic Devernay

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