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Disc Title: Night On Earth
Artist: Tom Waits
Disc Length: 52 minutes 49 seconds

Track 1: Back in The Good Old World (gypsy) vocal
Track 2: Los Angeles Mood (chromium descensions)
Track 3: Los Angeles Theme (another private dick)
Track 4: New York Theme (hey, you can have that heartattack outside buddy)
Track 5: New York Mood (a new haircut and a busted lip)
Track 6: Baby I'm Not A Baby Anymore (Beatrice theme)
Track 7: Good Old World (waltz)
Track 8: Carnival (Brunello Del Montalcino)
Track 9: On The Other Side Of The World vocal
Track 10: Good Old World (gypsy instrumental)
Track 11: Paris Mood (un de fromage)
Track 12: Dragging A Dead Priest
Track 13: Helsinki Mood
Track 14: Carnival Bob's Confession
Track 15: Good Old World (waltz) vocal
Track 16: On The Other Side Of The World (instrumental)

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