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Disc Title: 1997 Teenbeat Sampler
Artist: Various Artists
Disc Length: 73 minutes 3 seconds

Track 1: White Power Porch (Versus)
Track 2: Saharan Girl (Phil Krauth)
Track 3: Hold My Hand (The Feminine Complex)
Track 4: Secret Static (True Love Always)
Track 5: Shy Song (Containe)
Track 6: Phinneas & Phaedra's Last Hurrah (Viva Satellite)
Track 7: Black Magic (Robert Schipul)
Track 8: The Teenbeat Song (Tuscadero)
Track 9: Shadows In The Sun (Jonny Cohen's Love Machine)
Track 10: Ghetto Deluxe (K-Stars)
Track 11: I Remember The Sun (Cath Carroll)
Track 12: We Guide The Light (Version) (Romania)
Track 13: Indifferent Smile (Bells Of)
Track 14: A Test Pattern (Tel Aviv)
Track 15: Dolphin Expressway (Remix) (Air Miami)
Track 16: Trees (Synthetic Socks)
Track 17: Kim Nguyen Says (William & Vivian)
Track 18: In The Midst Of A Dream (Thirsty Boys)
Track 19: Heartache (Remix) (Butch Willis)

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