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Disc Title: A Secret History
Artist: The Divine Comedy
Disc Length: 71 minutes 1 seconds

Track 1: National Express
Track 2: Something For The Weekend
Track 3: Everybody Knows (Except You)
Track 4: Generation Sex
Track 5: Becoming More Like Alfie
Track 6: The Summerhouse
Track 7: Your Daddy's Car
Track 8: The Pop Singer's Fear of The Pollen Count
Track 9: The Frog Princess
Track 10: Gin Soaked Boy
Track 11: Lucy
Track 12: Songs Of Love
Track 13: In Pursuit Of Happiness
Track 14: I've Been To A Marvelous Party
Track 15: The Certainty Of Chance
Track 16: Too Young To Die
Track 17: Tonight We Fly

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