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Disc Title: Small Faces
Artist: Small Faces
Disc Length: 46 minutes 34 seconds

Track 1: (Tell me) Have you ever seen me
Track 2: Something I want to tell you
Track 3: Feeling lonely
Track 4: Happy boys happy
Track 5: Things are going to get better
Track 6: My way of giving
Track 7: Green circles
Track 8: Become like you
Track 9: Get yourself together
Track 10: All of our yesterdays
Track 11: Talk to you
Track 12: Show me the way
Track 13: Up the wooden hills to Bedfordshire
Track 14: Eddie's dreaming
Track 15: Here comes the nice
Track 16: Itchycoo park
Track 17: I'm only dreaming
Track 18: Tin soldier
Track 19: I feel much better

Extended Disc Information:

Arranged & produced by Steve Marriott and Ronnie Lane YEAR: 1967

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