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Disc Title: Summer Teeth
Artist: Wilco
Disc Length: 60 minutes 26 seconds

Track 1: Can't Stand It
Track 2: She's a Jar
Track 3: A Shot in the Arm
Track 4: We're Just Friends
Track 5: I'm Always in Love
Track 6: Nothing'severgonnastandinmyway (Again)
Track 7: Pieholden Suite
Track 8: How to Fight Loneliness
Track 9: Via Chicago
Track 10: ELT
Track 11: My Darling
Track 12: When You Wake Up Feeling Old
Track 13: Summer Teeth
Track 14: In a Future Age
Track 15: Candyfloss [Bonus]
Track 16: Summer Teeth [Alt] [Bonus]
Track 17: A Shot In The Arm [Alt] [Bonus]

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