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Disc Title: Remixed By
Artist: The Little Rabbits
Disc Length: 61 minutes 18 seconds

Track 1: L'amour (Purple Penguin Mix) (by Purple Penguin)
Track 2: La piscine (My Bloody Valentine Mix) (by My Bloody Valentine)
Track 3: A red disk swimming in a blue sea (Quark Angry Mix) (by Mr Quark)
Track 4: Pic nic boy (Solex Mix) (by Solex)
Track 5: L'amour (Annie Philips Mix) (by Katerine)
Track 6: Le blé dans les fouilles (Major Force Mix) (by K.U.D.O.)
Track 7: Roller girl (Roudoudou Mix) (by Roudoudou)
Track 8: Pic Nic Boy (Leucemix) (by Bosco)
Track 9: Hooray
Track 10: Le blé dans les fouilles
Track 11: That's life, only life
Track 12: Winter dreams
Track 13: Abolitionist
Track 14: Welcome home
Track 15: My Bloody Valentine / We Have All The Time In The World
Track 16: Archive / Londinium (Kevin Shields Remix)

Extended Disc Information:

09-11: B-sides "La piscine". 12-14: bonus CD "Grand public".

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