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Disc Title: Somos Los Mejores!
Artist: The Young Fresh Fellows
Disc Length: 40 minutes 52 seconds

Track 1: Two Guitars Bass And Drums
Track 2: I Don't Let The Little Things...
Track 3: Get Outta My Cave
Track 4: How Much About Last Night...
Track 5: Divorce #9
Track 6: Taco Wagon
Track 7: Horses, Horses, Horses, Horses
Track 8: Rock And Roll Guitar
Track 9: Rock And Roll Pest Control
Track 10: Celebration
Track 11: Lost Track Of Time
Track 12: Picture Book
Track 13: Hank, Karen and Elvis
Track 14: I Hate Everything
Track 15: Topsy Turvy Theme
Track 16: Take My Brain Away

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