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Disc Title: Good Vibrations: Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys (Disc Three)
Artist: The Beach Boys
Disc Length: 76 minutes 52 seconds

Track 1: Heroes And Villains (45 Version)
Track 2: Darlin'
Track 3: Wild Honey
Track 4: Let The Wind Blow
Track 5: Can't Wait To Long
Track 6: Cool Cool Water
Track 7: Meant For You
Track 8: Friends
Track 9: Little Bird
Track 10: Busy Doin' Nothin'
Track 11: Do It Again
Track 12: I Can Hear Music
Track 13: I Went To Sleep
Track 14: Time To Get Alone
Track 15: Breakaway
Track 16: Cotton Fields (The Cotton Song)(45 Version)
Track 17: San Miguel
Track 18: Games Two Can Play (Previously Unreleased)
Track 19: I Just Got My Pay (Previously Unreleased)
Track 20: This Whole World
Track 21: Add Some Music
Track 22: Forever
Track 23: Our Sweet Love
Track 24: H.E.L.P. Is On The Way (Previously Unreleased)
Track 25: 4th Of July (Previously Unreleased)
Track 26: Long Promised Road
Track 27: Disney Girls
Track 28: Surf's Up
Track 29: 'Til I Die

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