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Disc Title: Songs For Drella
Artist: Lou Reed & John Cale
Disc Length: 54 minutes 55 seconds

Track 1: Smalltown
Track 2: Open House
Track 3: Style It Takes
Track 4: Work
Track 5: Trouble With Classicists
Track 6: Starlight
Track 7: Faces And Names
Track 8: Images
Track 9: Slip Away (A Warning)
Track 10: It Wasn't Me
Track 11: I Believe
Track 12: Nobody But You
Track 13: A Dream
Track 14: Forever Changed
Track 15: Hello It's Me

Extended Disc Information:

A brief musical look at the life of Andy Warhol. Fictitious.
Originally co-commissioned by the Brooklyn Academy Of Music and The Arts.

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