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Disc Title: New York
Artist: Lou Reed
Disc Length: 56 minutes 57 seconds

Track 1: Romeo Had Juliette
Track 2: Halloween Parade
Track 3: Dirty Blvd.
Track 4: Endless Cycle
Track 5: There Is No Time
Track 6: Last Great American Whale
Track 7: Beginning Of A Great Adventure
Track 8: Busload Of Faith
Track 9: Sick Of You
Track 10: Hold On
Track 11: Good Evening Mr. Waldheim
Track 12: Xmas In February
Track 13: Strawman
Track 14: Dime Store Mystery

Extended Disc Information:

Sire Records W2 25829

Lou Reed: guitar (left channel), vocals
MikeRathke: guitar (right channel)
Rob Wasserman: Clevinger electric upright, six string bass
Fred Maher: Fender bass (tracks 1, 8), drums
Maureen "Moe" Tucker: percussion  (tracks 6, 14)

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