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Disc Title: For Your Ears Only
Artist: Bentley Rhythm Ace
Disc Length: 60 minutes 47 seconds

Track 1: Ride your sleigh...
Track 2: T-Spot
Track 3: Theme From Gutbuster
Track 4: Madam Your Carriage Awaits / Sugartown
Track 5: A Lot Of Stick (But Not Much Carrot)
Track 6: Summer Song Blue
Track 7: Busyness Mans Lunch
Track 8: Duckweb And Fishlip
Track 9: Jim'll Twist It
Track 10: Barry Normal Eyes
Track 11: Do The Christmas Rush
Track 12: Kenny Beats (Part 1)
Track 13: How'd I Do That???
Track 14: Bentley's Gonna Sort You Out (Damiens Gonna Edit A Bit Out)

Extended Disc Information:

 YEAR: 2000

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