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Disc Title: Isn't Anything
Artist: My Bloody Valentine
Disc Length: 38 minutes 3 seconds

Track 1: Soft as Snow (but Warm Inside)
Track 2: Lose My Breath
Track 3: Cupid Come
Track 4: (When You Wake) You're Still in a Dream
Track 5: No More Sorry
Track 6: All I Need
Track 7: Feed Me With Your Kiss
Track 8: Sueisfine
Track 9: Several Girls Galore
Track 10: You Never Should
Track 11: Nothing Much to Lose
Track 12: I Can See it (but I Can't Feel It)

Extended Disc Information:

Creation CD CRELP040CD

Produced by My Bloody Valentine 
Recorded at Foel Studios, Time Square Studios and The
Engineered by Dave Anderson, Steve Nunn and Alex

Kevin Sheilds - Guitar, vocals 
Colm O'Ciosoig - Drums 
Bilinda Butcher - Guitar, vocals 
Debbie Googe - Bass 


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