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Disc Title: Sunday Sunny Mill Valley Groove Day
Artist: Frank Black
Disc Length: 76 minutes 16 seconds

Track 1: Man of Constant Sorrow (cover)
Track 2: Pan American Highway
Track 3: Sunday Sunny Mill Valley Groove Day (Doug Sahm cover)
Track 4: Humbodt County Massacre (new version)
Track 5: Angst
Track 6: Sleep (Donovan cover)
Track 7: Sister Isabelle (new version)
Track 8: Le Cigare Volant
Track 9: I Will Run After You
Track 10: His Kingly Cave
Track 11: Men In Black
Track 12: Headache (NYC version)
Track 13: Hate Me
Track 14: Amnesia
Track 15: You Never Heard About Me
Track 16: Pray A Little Faster
Track 17: Announcement
Track 18: Village Of The Sun
Track 19: Baby, That's Art
Track 20: Everybody Got The Beat
Track 21: Can I Get A Witness
Track 22: Living On Soul
Track 23: Humbolt Country Massacre
Track 24: Changing Of The Guards (Bob Dylan cover)

Extended Disc Information:

01-10 Sunday Sunny Mill Valley Groove Day (P)200011 Headache 7"12-14 Headache NYC ep15-17 You Ain't Me ep18-21 The Cult Of Ray extra22-24 All My Ghosts ep

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