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Disc Title: The Idiot
Artist: Iggy Pop
Disc Length: 38 minutes 42 seconds

Track 1: Sister Midnight
Track 2: Nigthclubbing (Nightclubbing we're nightclubbing We're whats happening Nightclubbingwe're nightclubbing We're an ice machine We see people brand new people They're someting to see When we're nightclubbing Bright-white clubbing Oh isn't it wild? Nightclubbing we're nightclubbing We're walking through town Nightclubbing we're nightclubbing We walk like a ghost We learn dances brand new dances Like the nuclear bomb When we're nightclubbing Bright-white clubbing Oh isn't it wild...)
Track 3: Funtime
Track 4: Baby (Baby Don't you cry Baby, I'll sing you a lullaby We're walkingdown the Street of chance Where the chance is always Slim or none And the intentions unjust Baby there's nothing to see I've already been Down the street of chance Baby you're so clean Babyplease stay clean Baby you're so young Baby please stay young Baby, don't you cry Baby, we've already cried)
Track 5: China Girl
Track 6: Dum Dum Boys
Track 7: Tiny Girls
Track 8: Mass Production

Extended Disc Information:

All songs produced by David Bowie

Mixed by Tony Visconti

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