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Disc Title: Colour Transmission
Artist: The Monochrome Set
Disc Length: 72 minutes 8 seconds

Track 1: The Monochrome Set (I presume)
Track 2: The Lighter Side of Dating
Track 3: Expresso
Track 4: The Puerto Rican Fence Climber
Track 5: Tomorrow Will Be Too Long
Track 6: Martians Go Home
Track 7: Love Goes Down the Drain
Track 8: Ici Les Enfants
Track 9: The Etcetera Stroll
Track 10: Goodbye Joe
Track 11: The Strange Boutique
Track 12: Love Zombies
Track 13: Adestes Fideles
Track 14: 405 Lines
Track 15: B-I-D Spells Bid
Track 16: RSVP
Track 17: Apocalypso
Track 18: Karma Suture
Track 19: The Man with the Black Moustache
Track 20: The Weird, Wild Wonderful World of Tony Potts
Track 21: In Love, Cancer?

Extended Disc Information:

reissued in 1995 as "Tomorrow Will Be Too Long"

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