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Disc Title: They Might Be Giants
Artist: They Might Be Giants
Disc Length: 38 minutes 41 seconds

Track 1: Everything Right Is Wrong Again
Track 2: Put Your Hand Inside The Puppet Head
Track 3: Number Three
Track 4: Don't Let's Start
Track 5: Hide Away Folk Family
Track 6: 32 Footsteps
Track 7: Toddler Hiway
Track 8: Rabid Child
Track 9: Nothing's Gonna Change My Clothes
Track 10: (She Was A) Hotel Detective
Track 11: She's An Angel
Track 12: Youth Culture Killed My Dog
Track 13: Boat Of Car
Track 14: Absolutely Bill's Mood
Track 15: Chess Piece Face
Track 16: I Hope That I Get Old Before I Die
Track 17: Alienation's For The Rich
Track 18: The Day
Track 19: Rhythm Section Want Ad

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