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Disc Title: Come Down
Artist: The Dandy Warhols
Disc Length: 66 minutes 20 seconds

Track 1: Be-in
Track 2: Boys Better
Track 3: Minnesoter (Minnesota is a large, cold state that borders Canada in the middle of the United States of America. It is home to such famous things as the Minnesota Vikings, an NFL football (American style) team. Brainerd is also a town in Minnesota where the tall tale legend Paul Bunyan is purported to have grown up. In Bloomington, the Mall of America is situated. This retail behemoth has things like an indoor Ferris Wheel, bungee jumping, and even a Gap! )
Track 4: Orange (Orange is a city in: Florida, New Jersey, Texas, Connecticut, Alabama, Iowa, and Virginia Orange is a county in: California and North Carolina Orange is a province in: South Africa Orange is a bowl in: Florida)
Track 5: I Love You (If you type in "I love you" into Microsoft Word, highlight it and run the thesaurus function on it, the synonyms include: "I should say so" "I appreciate it" "I drink to you" and "ice-cream parlor")
Track 6: Not If You Were The Last Junkie On Earth (If you type in "junkie" into Microsoft Word, highlight it and run the thesaurus function on it, the synonyms include: "addict" "dope fiend" "mainliner" "tripper" "acid head" and "snowbird")
Track 7: Every Day Should Be A Holiday (In Guatelmala, Quema del Diablo, or Burning of the Devil, is observed on December 7. Guatemalan families burn newspapers and books from the previous year and set off firecrackers. Some choose to burn the devil within by eating Bunuelos with honey. )
Track 8: Good Morning (alt.good.morning is a newsgroup devoted to "friendship and support, combined with a great deal of silliness and a strong international presence." Their only rule is that you must post to the newsgroup in the morning. But they are quick to point out that "it's always morning somewhere!")
Track 9: Whipping Tree
Track 10: Green
Track 11: Cool As Kim Deal (Kim Deal used to be in the Pixies and the Breeders. Now, she fronts the Amps, formerly known as Tammy and the Amps. Her sister Kelley has been busted for possessing heroin. She's a "snowbird.")
Track 12: Hard On For Jesus
Track 13: Pete International Airport
Track 14: The Creep Out

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