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Disc Title: 69 Love Songs Vol. 2
Artist: The Magnetic Fields
Disc Length: 59 minutes 54 seconds

Track 1: Roses
Track 2: Love Is Like Jazz
Track 3: When My Boy Walks Down The Street
Track 4: Time Enough For Rocking When We're Old
Track 5: Very Funny
Track 6: Grand Canyon
Track 7: No One Will Ever Love You
Track 8: If You Don't Cry
Track 9: You're My Only Home
Track 10: (Crazy For You But) Not That Crazy
Track 11: My Only Friend
Track 12: Promises Of Eternity
Track 13: World Love
Track 14: Washington, D.C.
Track 15: Long-Forgotten Fairytale
Track 16: Kiss Me Like You Mean It
Track 17: Papa Was A Rodeo
Track 18: Epitaph For My Heart
Track 19: Asleep And Dreaming
Track 20: The Sun Goes Down And The World Goes Dancing
Track 21: The Way You Say Good-Night
Track 22: Abigail, Belle Of Kilronan
Track 23: I Shatter

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