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Disc Title: Livin' Love
Artist: The Feminine Complex
Disc Length: 64 minutes 56 seconds

Track 1: Hide & Seek
Track 2: Now I Need You
Track 3: Are You Lonesome Like Me?
Track 4: I Won't Run
Track 5: Six O'Clock In The Morning
Track 6: Run That Thru Your Mind
Track 7: It's Magic
Track 8: I Don't Want Another Man
Track 9: Forgetting
Track 10: I've Been Workin' On You
Track 11: Time Slips By
Track 12: Hold My Hand
Track 13: Love Love Love
Track 14: I've Been Working On You (demo)
Track 15: Hold Me
Track 16: Now I Care
Track 17: A Summer Morning
Track 18: The Warmth Of Your Smile
Track 19: Are You Lonesome Like Me? (demo)
Track 20: Time Slips By (demo)
Track 21: Is This A Dream?
Track 22: Movin'

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