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Disc Title: Smile
Artist: Brian Wilson
Disc Length: 47 minutes 1 seconds

Track 1: Our Prayer - Gee
Track 2: Heroes and Villains
Track 3: Roll Plymouth Rock
Track 4: Barnyard
Track 5: Old Master Painter - Are You My Sunshine
Track 6: Cabin Essence
Track 7: Wonderful
Track 8: Song for Children
Track 9: Child Is Father of the Man
Track 10: Surf's Up
Track 11: I'm in Great Shape - I Wanna Be Around - Workshop
Track 12: Vega-Tables
Track 13: On a Holiday
Track 14: Wind Chimes
Track 15: Mrs. O'Leary's Cow (As geologists have lately discovered, the Great Chicago Fire was most likely started by a metoer's atmoshperic explosion (above ground). Animals are so easy to blame for our humane mistakes (just think of the Big Finger Of Blame pointing to the dog, all the while it was Us Who Farted).)
Track 16: In Blue Hawaii
Track 17: Good Vibrations

Extended Disc Information:

 YEAR: 2004

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