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Disc Title: Bentley Rhythm Ace
Artist: Bentley Rhythm Ace
Disc Length: 78 minutes 29 seconds

Track 1: Let There Be Flutes
Track 2: Midlander (There Can Only Be One...)
Track 3: Why Is A Frog Too..?
Track 4: Mind That Gap.
Track 5: Run On The Spot
Track 6: Bentleys Gonna Sort You Out!
Track 7: Ragtopskodacarchase
Track 8: Whoosh
Track 9: Who Put The Bom In The Bom Bom Diddley Bom
Track 10: Spacehopper
Track 11: Return Of The Hardcore Jumble Carbootechnodisco Roadshow
Track 12: On Her Majesty's Secret Whistle
Track 13: Spy Who Loved Moose

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