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Disc Title: Calypso - Is Like So...
Artist: Robert Mitchum
Disc Length: 37 minutes 46 seconds

Track 1: Jean And Dinah
Track 2: From A Logical Point Of View
Track 3: Not Me
Track 4: What Is This Generation Coming To?
Track 5: Tic, Tic, Tic
Track 6: Beauty Is Only Skin Deep
Track 7: I Learn A Merengue, Mama
Track 8: Take Me Down To Lover's Row
Track 9: Mama, Looka Boo Boo
Track 10: Coconut Water
Track 11: Matilda, Matilda
Track 12: They Dance All Night
Track 13: Ballad Of Thurder Road
Track 14: My Honey's Lovin' Arms

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