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Disc Title: Beats and B-Sides
Artist: Morcheeba
Disc Length: 71 minutes 27 seconds

Track 1: Killer Hippie (Bad Vibrations Mix)
Track 2: On the Rhodes Again
Track 3: Tape Loop (Diabolical Brothers Remix)
Track 4: Dungeness
Track 5: Baby Sitar (Drummer Of Your Dreams Mix)
Track 6: Ray Payola
Track 7: Shoulder Holster (Diabolical Brothers Remix)
Track 8: Post Houmous (Live at The Mackie)
Track 9: Trigger Hippie (Diabolical Brothers Mix)
Track 10: Trigger Hippie (G-Force Mix)
Track 11: The Music That We Hear (Moog Island) (Arthur Baker's Blowout Express The Music Mix)
Track 12: Shoulder Holster (Low Pressure Mix)

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