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Disc Title: Bird, The Complete Charlie Parker on Verve (Disc 5)
Artist: Charlie Parker
Disc Length: 72 minutes 49 seconds

Track 1: Dancing in the Dark
Track 2: Out of Nowhere
Track 3: Laura (tk1)
Track 4: Laura (tk2)
Track 5: East of the Sun
Track 6: They Can't Take That Away From Me
Track 7: Easy to Love
Track 8: I'm in the Mood for Love (tk2)
Track 9: I'm in the Mood for Love (tk3)
Track 10: I'll Remember April (tk1)
Track 11: I'll Remember April (tk2)
Track 12: I'll Remember April (tk3)
Track 13: What is this Thing Called Love
Track 14: April in Paris
Track 15: Repetition
Track 16: Easy to Love (2)
Track 17: Rocker
Track 18: Celebrity
Track 19: Ballade
Track 20: Afro-Cuban Jazz Suite

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