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Disc Title: Charlie Parker on Dial Completed Vol.3
Artist: Charlie Parker
Disc Length: 58 minutes 6 seconds

Track 1: Dexterity (Take A, Alternate)
Track 2: Dexterity (Take B, Master)
Track 3: Bongo Bop (Take A, Master; aka BLUES)
Track 4: Bongo Bop (Take B, Alternate; aka Blues and Parker's Blues)
Track 5: Dewey Square (Take A, Alternate; aka Prezology and Bird Feathers)
Track 6: Dewey Square (Take B, alternate)
Track 7: Dewey Square (Take C, Master)
Track 8: The Hymn (Take A, Master)
Track 9: The Hymn (Take B, Alternate; Originally released as "Superman" by the Miles Davis Quartet
Track 10: Bird of Paradise (Take A)
Track 11: Bird of Paradise (Take B)
Track 12: Bird of Paradise (Take C)
Track 13: Embraceable You (Take A)
Track 14: Embraceable You (Take B)
Track 15: Bird Feathers (Take C, Master ; aka Schnourphology)
Track 16: Klact-Oveeseds-Tene (Take A, Master)
Track 17: Klact-Oveeseds-Tene (Take B, Alternate)
Track 18: Scrapple From the Apple (Take B, Alternate)
Track 19: Scrapple From the Apple (Take C, Master; aka "Little Be-bop")

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