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Disc Title: Room To Roam
Artist: The Waterboys
Disc Length: 42 minutes 43 seconds

Track 1: In Search of a Rose
Track 2: Song from the end of the World
Track 3: A Man is in Love
Track 4: Kaliope House
Track 5: Bigger Picture
Track 6: Natural Bridge Blues
Track 7: Something that is Gone
Track 8: The Star and the Sea
Track 9: A Life of Sundays
Track 10: Islandman
Track 11: The Raggle Taggle Gypsy
Track 12: How long will I Love you?
Track 13: Upon the Wind and Waves
Track 14: Spring comes to Spiddal
Track 15: The trip to Broadford
Track 16: Further up, Further in
Track 17: Room to Roam
Track 18: Untitled

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